Add This Westlake Car Show to Your October FUN Calendar

 Westlake Texas Classic Car Show

If it's October, it's almost time for the Westlake Classic Car Show!

The Westlake Classic Car Show is a fundraising event for Westlake’s Historical Preservation Society and is in keeping the mission to "discover, preserve, and perpetuate" history.

Named America's Most Affluent Community by Forbe's in 2011, the Town of Westlake holds an annual classic car show dedicated to automotive history, featuring 1909 to 1969 originals or restored to near original automobiles and trucks - No hot rods, No customs, No modified muscle cars, just true classics!

Each decade is well represented by sedans, convertibles and pickups in each class and included many very rare and unique automobiles. Entries have included: 1908 Sears K; 1927 Pierce Arrow; 1929 Packard; 1935 Graham;1926 Rolls Royce Ghost; and 1954 Kaiser Darrin. We start the show with an invocation, the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance and play Roaring '20's, '30's and 40's Big Band music during the show.

The Town of Westlake has a college preparatory K-12 International Baccalaureate Charter School, Westlake Academy; the only municipally owned charter school in the state of Texas.

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